6 Tips on how a Lampshade can Impact the Ambience of a Room

In this article, I explain how the ambience of a room can be altered just by changing the lampshade.   When most of us decide to redecorate our home, we spend hours flicking through home decoration and home improvement magazines to get the latest tips and tricks, and to find out what the trending colours of the season are. Choosing the right colour scheme is extremely important and there are some great articles written about colour psychology, and the effects colour can have on the atmosphere of a room. However, colour doesn’t just stop at the paint used on the walls, the curtains and the cushions and throws scattered on the sofa and chairs! As much can be said for the fabrics and textures that you use.

how a lampshade can impact the ambience of a room

Orange shade

More often than not, lampshades are an after-thought when it comes to the finishing touches that harmonise and make a room. So many people opt for the safety of white, cream and beige and run to the closest store to find anything that will just about fit in with the rest of the room deco. Most people don’t understand the importance that a lampshade can bring to the overall atmosphere of a room.

Here are some pointers to guide you in the purchase of your next shade:

  • An eye-catching lampshade can turn a basic lamp into a piece of art
  • A great lampshade can freshen up a space when you are on a limited budget
  • A beautifully coloured or patterned lampshade can bring warmth to a room
  • A good lampshade can work wonders in diffusing light
  • Shades come in all shapes and sizes so be careful to choose the right fit – there is nothing worse than a shade that is far too big for the lamp itself
  • Never underestimate the material and fabric of the shade when it comes to diffusing light. When you chose the fabric think about how you want to use the light; i.e. is it for reading or to brighten up a space?

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